Saturday, November 12, 2011

We're Moving To...

Tokyo, Japan! We will be moving there the first week in January, and we will be there for two years. Steve is pretty excited because that is where he served his mission. He will still be working for Nu Skin but in the Tokyo offices instead of the Provo offices. So family and friends save up and visit us.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4 months old

It's hard to believe my adorable little boy is already 4 months old.

He is a big boy too here are his stats:
17 lbs 7 oz 90.53 percentile
27 inches tall 97.14 percentile
So this explains my back and shoulder stiffness from holding him all the time.

Heather came over and took these pictures of Beckham and our family she is so talented!

Here's Beckham in his Halloween costume. Steve wore this 30 years ago Beckham is a skiier for Halloween

Beckham is getting much better at rolling over, he still doesn't do it too often but he will every few days. He loves being talked to, he loves smiling and snuggling but lately he hates sleeping through the night so we will work on that!

3 months old

On October 5th Beckham turned 3 months old.

He weighed about 15 lbs then.

Still loving the bath he always calms right down.

Watching sports with the daddy is still one of his favorite things.

All ready for church.

He loves to do his kicking exercises.

Playing with Isla

We thought it was funny that we were both matching our babies.

Snuggling aunt Katie during General Conference.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Months Old

Here are some two month old pictures of Beckham my sister Heather took them.

He was 14 lbs and 2 oz 93.94%
24.5 inches 93.06%

His two month birthday also fell on Steve and my 3 year anniversary so we went to PF Changs while the Buells watched the Beckster.

Here are some other fun pictures for the month Isla and Beckham matching with the cute things Heather made for them.

Steve also had his 30th Birthday as well.

Dad and Baby on his 30th birthday.

Beckham sure misses his snuggles with his aunt Katie.

Grandma squeezing in some loves.

Grandpa watching sports with Beckham.

The BYU game just wore him out.

We brought him to work and he looked like such a big boy.

Beckham misses napping with Grandma.

Little BYU twins.